Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I won! I really won!

Thanks Lora for this sweet award. :)

As a condition for receiving this award, I’m supposed to write about 5 things that I love. Easy peasy lemon squeezy…

1) My husband. He is goofy, loving, supportive and works like a dog to keep this family going. There aren’t a lot of things I can count on in life…but Ryan is one thing I CAN count on. He is my everything…my partner in crime…my partner for life.

2) M. The first thing he asks me when he gets in the car after school is, “How was your day Mom?” He is as good as a 14 year old can get. It pains me to watch him grow up so quickly, and sometimes I feel like I haven’t really ‘spoken’ to him in days…but he still kisses me goodnight…and he still says “I love you” first when ending a phone call with me.

3) J. He hugs me every day. He still calls me Mama. He still calls me ‘gorgeous.’ He has had a very hard time remembering to check his blood sugars at school this year. Last week I told him I would text him to remind him and then he can text me his number back. Since texting is cool…this has been a HUGE success. He always texts me right back with his number. He also still tells me he loves me at the end of phone calls.

4) B. He doesn’t hug…he leans. But when he kisses you, it’s a wet one for sure. He skips; he laughs at everything…he loves life. He eats every bite of his lunch everyday…which makes it uber easy to count carbs for him. He wants to be 12 like his big brother, which I think leads to his responsible nature.

5) L. He is a miracle. From the day he was born he has only been a blessing in our lives. He talks our ears off, he is constantly up to something…and always has some kind of project going. Every day I see his growth. He gives THE BEST hugs and tilts his head when he is telling you something important. He is the model kindergartner…he can concentrate and be silly at the same time.

So without further ado…5 friends who I would like to pass this very prestigious award on to…who can just make a list and not write a novel like me if they super really don’t want to do this…are…

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  1. I love your family!!! Those boys of yours sound absolutely amazing ;)

    Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Gotta love a mama of four boys . God bless you Meri .

  3. Hahaha I nominated wendy and shannon too. lol. Anyway great list! Your fam sounds wonderful! They must have a spectacular mom!

  4. Well thanks!

    I've always wanted a boy ya know! Sounds like you have a couple perfectly raised ones I can choose from :) ((HUGS))


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